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Web Developer & UI/UX Designer

My name is Tanvir and I am an experienced Web Designer & UI UX Designer having more than 3+ years of experience in the relevant field.. I pursued my career at Metropolitan University where I started my major in Computer Science and Engineering. A year later I took a beginner’s Web class, where I discovered the love for code. After that, I switched my major to Interactive Design and started the never-ending journey of becoming a web developer along with sharpening my eye for design. I am offering my services as a web designer & UI/UX designer. I have 4+ years of experience in designing small to large scale websites and mobile apps based on standard technologies. I worked for so many clients with positive feedback and have good relations with them. I am available as a freelancer, both on permanent and part-time basis.


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Rayhan Tanvir ইমেইল ভেরিফাইড

UI/UX designing for Website or Mobile apps

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